Chapter 3 – Coptic Textiles Terms

Tashia Dare

Loom: Tool used to stretch warp threads in equal tension while weaving; often includes heddle rods, lashes, and pedals.

Loop Weave (short and long): Added weft threads that protrude from the surface of the fabric; used as decoration.

Plain Weave (also known as tabby weave or cloth weave): One of the simplest weaves. One weft thread is woven under and over alternate warp threads and the next weft thread is woven over and under alternate warp threads. Each warp and weft thread is visible.

Selvage: The finished edge of a textile that is parallel to the warp and is often of a heavier weave than the body of the textile.

Sprang: Threads stretched across a frame and twisted and interlaced.

Tapestry weave: A weave that has more wefts than warps with the warp being nearly invisible; in patterns, the wefts are woven back and forth as needed.

Warp: Threads stretched across a loom between the warp and cloth beams that forms the groundwork of a fabric. Warp threads run lengthwise.

Weft: Threads run widthwise across a textile, passing over and under the warp threads.



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