Startup Funding

by CJ Cornell


What is funding? Why do you need it? Where should you seek it? Which types are best for you? This chapter will answer these and other questions you may have as you launch your media enterprise.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the different funding types (choices) available for startup ventures.
  • Determine which of the funding types are most appropriate for a particular kind of startup.
  • Learn about the sources of the funding—the funding organizations and individuals—and about their expectations.
  • Learn what your company must do—preparation and activities—to attract and secure funding.
  • Get an overview of many of the critical issues, terms, and metrics you’ll have to know when pursuing outside funding for your startup.

Inside this Chapter

 CJ Cornell is a serial entrepreneur, investor, advisor, mentor, author, speaker, and educator. He is the author of the best-selling book: The Age of Metapreneurship—A Journey into the Future of Entrepreneurship[1] and the upcoming book: The Startup Brain Trust—A Guidebook for Startups, Entrepreneurs, and the Experts that Help them Become Great. Reach him on Twitter at @cjcornell

  1. Cornell, CJ, The Age of Metapreneurship, (Phoenix: Venture Point Press, 2017).


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