Praise for Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship

“So as I use the text, each week I’m more enamored with how it is EXACTLY WHAT I NEED — this is the first time I’ve had such a cohesive, insightful and spot-on set of relevant readings, with just the right links and context setting that weave together this very particular journalism-based mindset. Every other semester I’ve had to cobble together from business sources, from entrepreneurship sources, from technology industry, then trying to make it make sense for students and tie it all to what’s happening for journalism right now. And the intrapreneur/entrepreneur aspects makes room for a diverse class — who care deeply about the fate of the industry, but aren’t necessarily trying to launch a product. I already loved the project abstractly, but in weekly use, I really really love it. It’s all the things. Great vision and nuance and context on this. There is nothing like this text anywhere else.” — Dana Coester, Associate Professor, West Virginia University  Reed College of Media

“I just really get it … because we could rearrange our curriculum and just focus on 4-5 chapters per course, depending on how it makes sense to break up the coursework but then courses could be built to the prof’s expertise…or to resource availability. You’re making the IKEA of information.” – Mark Poepsel, Assistant Professor, Southern Illinois University

“Congratulations on delivering a book I’ve been thrilled to use in class.” – Amy Eisman, Director of the Journalism Division, American University.

“This is an excellent resource for journalism educators who strive to give their students a broad understanding of the new ecosystem of the profession, or who want to encourage students to pioneer new forms of journalism for the 21st century. This book fills an enormous void and will be snapped up by many instructors. The open-source format is particularly useful. Students will be able to access this important material without paying a fortune and editors will be able to easily update the text to incorporate new knowledge as it emerges in this quickly evolving discipline.” – Kelly Toughill, Associate Professor, University of King’s College

Read a full book review from honors student Kyle Kercheval,[1] who beta-tested the book in Fall 2017.

You can read more reviews from faculty in the Open Textbook Network library.[2]


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