24 Stepping Out of Our Comfort Zones

Riley Page

In my afternoon of doing homework, I had to read this article today.  It says, “We often like to stay in our comfort zone, going with what we know.” It talks about the pros and cons of going outside the comfort zone.  I thought it was an overall interesting read. I especially liked when it said for one of the cons was: “If you’re used to winning projects easily within your comfort zone, you may need to check your ego at the door and be ready to face some rejections.” This resonated with me.

I think that going out your comfort zone is good in moderation. If you act too brash, you may be more likely to mess up, like someone doing something when they don’t have training. It’s self-explanatory why someone would think that’s a bad idea, but as people say, there’s no risk without reward. So going out of your comfort zone is a skill that must be mastered in itself.

I also took a comfort zone test. It gave me the score:

Professional Comfort Zone Score: 55/100

Adrenaline Comfort Zone Score:30.9/100

Lifestyle Comfort Zone Score:: 81.3/100

I wonder what you guys would get. Looks like I’m the lowest in “adrenaline.” I’m going to have to go skydive, paintball and scuba dive more. I don’t know if I’ll do any of that…. It’s out of my comfort zone after all….


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