20 Should There Be a Dress Code in College? (II)

Carlton Sanborn

In the article Dress code for college students- should it be implemented?, it talks about the pros and cons of colleges having a dress code. A college dress code is a one type pattern worn by every college student. The pros of having a dress code on college campuses is to reduce the the gap between the rich and the poor. The rich have brand new nice clothes that they will wear, while poor kids wear hand me down clothing. The cons of a dress code are that college students lose their freedom. They are unable to wear the clothes they want to wear that expresses themselves. College students are young adults living away from home. They should be able to make their own decisions and if they don’t, then making decisions at age 21 is difficult. I agree with everything this article says. College students wouldn’t have to be separated into groups that consist of rich or poor. But college students are grown ups and they should be able to make their own decisions.

As a student here at Plymouth State University, I think that us students shouldn’t need a dress code. There are so many people here at this school that you will find a group of people to be your friends. You also don’t need to impress anyone with the clothes that you wear. Most everyone here at this school are at least eighteen, and should be able to make their own decisions especially since they are adults.

In the short video Do School Uniforms Help Students Learn?, it talks about where students stand academically while wearing a uniform. A study shows that students, especially girls, have a better attendance rate while wear a uniform. Academically, studies show that students get better scored on their reading test and assignments while wear a uniform. Math showed no change while wearing a uniform and history and science grades were lowered.

After many studies, it shows that students who have to wear uniform do not perform better academically than somebody without a uniform. The only thing that is good about uniforms is that students are more encouraged to go to class. Also even though students are all dressed a like, bullying still exists in schools. After the video explained the studies that have been studied, I believe that students shouldn’t have to be forced to wear a uniform and that there shouldn’t be a dress code at all.


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