17 Recharging: Hobbies Matter

Riley Page

Me working on music

Everyone should have a hobby of some sorts. I have one and it helps me recharge after working on hard classes. Making music helps me recharge after a long day of college classes. I like it because I feel like I’m taking part in solving a puzzle each time I try a new note. I feel a sense of accomplishment once when I find the right note, and feel as if I put two matching puzzle pieces together.

Having a hobby is key to staying on track academically while still enjoying life. Find something that you like and that helps you kill stress, and just while taking a break from academics. If one does this it will greatly help them with staying relaxed and ready to engage with their education. If you’re up for hearing some of what I made in the picture above, check out this post in its original form on my ePort: http://sleepinbasement.org/uncategorized/recharging-post/

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