18 Are 8am Classes Better?

Skyla Dore

From the the articles, “Rise and Shine: Why 8am Classes Might Not Be As Bad As You Think” and “Should You Take Early Morning Classes,”  I learned about the benefits of waking up early. Both of these articles described how waking up at 8am for a class is helpful towards your grades, health and well being as a human. Waking up early to go to class also gives you time in the day to do other things later at night like homework, as well as being able to get your morning started with a healthy and hearty breakfast. It also mentioned how it could be essential class wise, if your someone who’d rather have a smaller class when learning or no one to distract you on your cellphone because not everyone is awake at that time.

For the assignment, I was asked to ask 3 random students at Plymouth State University question about waking up early for classes which were:

  1. Which do you prefer, early or late classes?
  2. Why do you prefer (early or late) classes?
  3. Why do you think some students prefer late classes and why do you think some students prefer early classes?
  4. Which do you think is more beneficial for college students?
  5. Has a class that doesn’t fit you time preference been harder to pass due to the time of day?

and these are the responses I received from them.

Two out of the three students preferred having an early class as they could do activities after class and get their homework done earlier. While the one person preferred having a class later in the night so they were able to sleep in.  When asked why other classmates may prefer one or the other, they said late classes help when you just want to sleep while waking up early helps some learn better. The three students chose that late classes would be more beneficial as students would mostly attend those. Having a class that doesn’t fit there time preference was harder to pass due to what time it was because it either was too early or you have to wait the whole day to go to a night class.

Honestly I wish that I had more morning classes because when it gets to my 4:30pm class, I just don’t want to go as I feel tired by then.  I’m also someone who would rather do their homework at night rather than during the day and when you have a class so late, you have to find ways to eat dinner, shower, and actually sleep. So I think that for my next semester, I’m going to try and put 3 of my 5 classes in the morning and have the other two near 12 or 1 o’clock. So then I am able to have the rest of the day to either take a nap, go to the gym, study in the library, or go hangout with friends.


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