19 Should There Be a Dress Code in College? (I)

Erika Lillis

The article Dress Code For College Students, showed the pros and cons that would come with making uniforms mandatory in college.  The article states that a pro of implementing uniforms would be that the visual gap between rich and poor students wouldn’t be as clear. I disagree with that statement due to the fact that the college you go to is directly dependent on you financial situation.  There are already lines of wealth that are drawn by where you attend college or if you can even attend college. Another pro that is addressed in the article is that less time would be spent on beauty and fashion, which would leave more time for work and studies. This statement is hard for me to believe since forcing a uniform isn’t going to stop people from wearing their make-up and fixing their hair. If you stop and think about it putting on an outfit takes the least amount of time when getting ready in the morning.  A con stated in the article are that students should be given the right to wear what ever they want, especially when they are in college since they are over 18.

Plymouth State University should not force a dress code for students.

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College students are paying for their education which means they should be getting what they want or pay for. Nobody in college is looking to wear a specific outfit everyday to look like everyone else. Thinking further on this idea who would be the ones paying for these uniforms, the school or the students? Would you be required to wear them all day everyday, or just when you are attending classes? Who would be in charge of checking to make sure everyone’s uniform is correct? All of these questions add up to an unstable idea that would fall apart and fail at Plymouth State University.

Will wearing uniforms really help students learn better? I personally do not believe that it will. Students are going to be as engaged in school as they want to be no matter what they are wearing on their body. People propose the argument that uniforms are made so everyone is equal. Hate to break it to you but everyone is unique and special. The clothes that you wear express a lot about yourself and allow you to be you. They say that uniforms are going to reduce bullying, but if someone really is a bully clothes are not going to stop them. Students shouldn’t need to wear a uniform everyday, because it is their freedom to be who they want to be and express themselves however they deem fitting.



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