16 Thrivers and Divers in College

Colin Jerome

The challenges that are present when moving from high school to college are very well put in this article by Jeff Guo. He starts with the fact that students expect a lot more out of themselves going into college compared to what they exert during college. Then he dives into the factors that made students either thrive or dive in their first year of college. For example, work ethic and organization skills were key to becoming a thriver. Lastly, the article express how cognitive skills is what professors now aim for; because “life requires more than just intelligence”.

I found the annotation to the left to be a very agreeable comment on the highlighted area. People who expect to just grow older and become wealthy after college,  and not about the struggles you are going to have to face, will most likely fail. Also, I agree with the fact that divers are ultimately lacking self motivation because motivation is the one thing that almost guarantees success. If a student is motivated to work hard or to push themselves, they will learn valuable skills that are essential for becoming successful in their endeavors.

The annotation on the right by jakecm19 brings up a very valid point that not a lot of people understand. Just because you aren’t necessarily smart in school doesn’t mean you aren’t an intelligent person. School sometimes targets the wrong things to test to see how intelligent you really are. Testing memorization skills and other non applicable nonsense will not show how well someone is prepared for the real world.

This article is very relevant to our class because all of us are first year freshman that are still getting accustomed to the new environment. The new environment is hard to get used to and many fail to change the ways they developed in high school. Also, this article will help us figure out how to be successful students in college because a big factor of being successful in college is the mindset you have towards school. This school shows how to act and what personality you should be aiming towards to be able to achieve your best.

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