This textbook was first compiled by Professor Patrick Hanan at Harvard University in 1984. In the introduction, Professor Hanan acknowledged his appreciation to those who had contributed to the completion and revision of the book. Since then many graduate teaching fellows from the department of EALC at Harvard have provided invaluable suggestions for the revision of this textbook: Margaret Baptist Wan, Anthony George, Xiaofei Tian, Regina Llamas and Hu Hisao-chen. This revised version of textbook includes the grammar notes prepared by Professor David Lattimore who taught at Harvard during the 1992 academic year and the glossary of grammar terms by Professor Judith Zeitlin. Paul Rouzer’s commentary to the first 16 lessons have been included in this edition. Some changes were made for the purpose of consistency and convenience by Shang Wei and Le-ning Liu, and later by Andrew Schonebaum.  Andrew Schonebaum and Kong Mei edited and produced the online version in 2021, with the permission of Professor Hanan’s granddaughters Joanna Hanan Billings and Liz Hanan.  We are grateful to all those mentioned here and to readers who will create and share subsequent editions.


Andrew Schonebaum

Kong, Mei



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Introduction to Classical Chinese Copyright © 2024 by Andrew Schonebaum; Anthony George; David Lattimore; Hu Hsiao-chen; Judith Zeitlin; Kong Mei; Liu Lening; Margaret Baptist Wan; Patrick Hanan; Paul Rouzer; Regina Llamas; Shang Wei; and Xiaofei Tian is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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