Introduction to Classical Chinese

Patrick Hanan, David Lattimore, Judith Zeitlin, Margaret Baptist Wan,

Anthony George, Xiaofei Tian, Regina Llamas, Hu Hsiao-chen, Liu Lening,

Paul Rouzer, Shang Wei, Andrew Schonebaum,  Mei Kong et. al., eds.



Pat Hui and Wucius Wong, splashed-color calligraphy. Poem by Liu Yong, 1988. Ink and color on paper.
Introduction to Classical Chinese is an openly licensed college level Classical Chinese textbook compiled by Professor Patrick Hanan at Harvard University, and further developed by many contributors at various universities over the span of forty years between 1984 and 2024.

All materials are freely available online under a Creative Commons license to any university or individuals who wish to use or adapt them.

The contents of this website were developed under a Maryland Open Source Textbook Initiative Grant, with the assistance from the Rebus Textbook Success Program.

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February 10, 2024







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