41 Sample Prospectuses for Research Article & Applied Project (Sustainability Theme)

Kate Burgess

Research Article: Timeline and Plan for my Sustainable Living- Themed Research Article

What am I researching?

For my research article, I’ve decided to investigate something that I believe is relevant to every living and non-living being on this planet: tacos! No, just kidding. I’ll be researching sustainability as a topic, as a lifestyle, and how it is or is not attainable for the Average Joe. There are so many considerations I’ll need to take into account, so I’m toying with the idea of using the Socratic Method. By this, I mean I’ll ask a question, answer it, and then each answer will beg another question, and so on and so forth. I’m hoping to interview professionals in this field to get their personal opinions on the matter, specifically Dr. Len Reitsma and Dr. Brian Eisenhauer, and I’d really like to conclude with a solid yes or no to the following question: Is a sustainable lifestyle attainable to everyone?


The why of this article spreads far and wide. I care on a personal level, I care on a local level, I care on a global level…it goes on. Personally, knowing about the limits and opportunities for a sustainable lifestyle will keep me and my wallet healthy. On a local and global level, I want to see resources maintained and preserved for future generations, and I want people to be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor without destroying the natural flora and fauna that surrounds. I hope that at least one person can read this and maybe think twice about the lifestyle they lead.

 Thoughts Overall:


CCBY Elliot Brown https://flic.kr/p/bA52Vt

Overall, it’s a hell of a question to answer. There are so many avenues to go down, and so many sub-questions to answer; it’s a very nuanced topic, and like Socrates’ work, each response begs another question. I am, however, really interested in the topic, and I look forward to compiling the research and writing something up that could potentially shape the way I build towards my future as an educator.

Timeline: 11 weeks until the due date
R+TN = Read and Take Notes
Week 1 of Sept 26:
R+TN on 2 articles
Make a loose outline for the paper
Week 2 of Oct 3
R+TN on 2 more sources
Definitively create the outline
Week 3 of Oct 10
R+TN on 2 more sources
Interview Dr. Brian Eisenhauer
Draft Introduction and Key Terms
 Week 4 of Oct 17
R+TN on 2 more sources
Write up Dr. Brian Eisenhauer’s piece
Interview Dr. Len Reitsma
Draft another section of the paper
Week 5 of Oct 24
R+TN on 2 more sources
Draft another section of the paper
Week 6 of Oct 31
R+TN on 2 more sources
Draft another section of the paper
Week 7 of Nov 7
R+TN on 2 more sources
Draft another section of the paper
Week 8 of Nov 14
R+TN on 2 more sources
Draft another section of the paper
Week 9 of Nov 21
Start to revise and edit
Week 10 of Nov 28
Bring the paper to the Writing Center for peer review
Week 11 of Dec 5
Bring paper to the WC again
Week 12: DUE!


Research Project: Life in the Upside-Down Ice Cream Cone

What am I doing?

For my applied project for the Interdisciplinary Studies Capstone, I’ve decided to live in a Tipi and document my misadventures. I’ll be living there for all fourteen weeks of the semester, in the hopes that I will begin to practice what I’ve been learning and preaching in all of my classes. I also hope that I can educate the local community about the process so that others might be inspired to follow suit, or at least choose a more sustainable method of living.

IMG_0059Why am I doing it?

I’m doing this, yes, for the challenge and the adventure, but more so because I want to reduce my impact. After calculating my carbon footprint, I decided that it was time I
make a big change in the way that I was living. Also, I want to use this opportunity to, like I said, educate others who might be struggling to find ways to actually live in harmony with the Earth.

How am I doing it?

I’ll be blogging every week or so, updating my progress. I also plan to do a video blog or tour at some point to make it a bit more multimedia. Lastly, I’ll be photographing the tipi as the seasons change.

Thoughts Overall:

I’m really looking forward to having some purpose behind the project. I have several forums that I can use to educate folks (visiting Steven Whitman’s sustainable structures class, being interviewed by multiple sources, and perhaps presenting at a conference), so I’m excited to field any questions that come my way.

Timeline: 11 weeks until the due date
Each week/two: Write and publish a blog post
By October 20: Have a plan for where (if at all) I will be presenting about the experiences.


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