About the Authors

Abbey K. Elder

Abbey K. Elder is the Open Access & Scholarly Communication Librarian at Iowa State University. Her work empowers instructors to find, adopt, or create open educational resources (OER) for their courses. Abbey has served on the Iowa Open Education Action Team (Iowa OER) since its creation in 2018, through which she provides support for colleges across the state of Iowa interested in supporting open education work at their institutions. She is currently a member of the SPARC Open Education Advisory Group, and was a member of the SPARC Open Education Leadership Program’s pilot cohort in 2017. Connect with Abbey on ORCID.

Stefanie Buck

Stefanie Buck is the director of the Open Educational Resources Unit at Oregon State University. The unit provides support and services to faculty who want to author, adopt or adapt open educational resources.

Jeff Gallant

Jeff Gallant is the Program Director of Affordable Learning Georgia, an initiative of the University System of Georgia (USG) intended to promote student success and foster educational equity through supporting the adoption, adaptation, and creation of affordable and open educational resources by USG faculty and professional staff. Jeff regularly consults with new open education programs and presents on program management, strategic planning, grant programs, data collection, and reporting. Jeff has been a mentor in the SPARC Open Education Leadership Program since its inception in 2017. Connect with Jeff on ORCID.

Marco Seiferle-Valencia

Marco Seiferle-Valencia is the Open Education Librarian at the University of Idaho where he oversees the Library’s Open efforts, including the annual Think Open Fellows program. Marco is also the co-creator of the Chicana por mi Raza Digital Memory Collective, which preserves Chicana feminist history and praxis through a grassroots digital archive and oral history collection. Connect with Marco on ORCID.

Apurva Ashok

Apurva Ashok is the Assistant Director and Director of Open Education of The Rebus Foundation, a global non-profit working to make knowledge freely available in the pursuit of equity, understanding, and the common good. She leads all Open Education initiatives at The Rebus Foundation. Her work at Rebus empowers educators with the know-how and network to publish and adopt open educational resources through an innovative community of practice. Apurva’s experience ranges across academic publishing, media, social justice, and volunteerism. She strongly believes in translating knowledge among communities and regions, and in the value of greater critical thinking for all. Connect with Apurva on LinkedIn.


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The OER Starter Kit for Program Managers Copyright © 2022 by Abbey K. Elder, Stefanie Buck, Jeff Gallant, Marco Seiferle-Valencia, and Apurva Ashok is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.