Thomas Priester, Phyllis Nissila, Dave Dillon

Acknowledgments from Foundations of Success: Words of Wisdom and bios from the authors of the essays (written by Thomas Priester).

First, I’d like to acknowledge the students enrolled in my First-Year Experience 100 course at SUNY Genesee Community College during the 2014-2015 academic school year. Your feedback truly helped to revolutionize academic success for generations of college students to come.

Much appreciation to both Kate Pitcher and Allison Brown at Geneseo for their patience and support as I worked through the Open SUNY Textbooks publication process.

Thank you to Lindsey Dotson (SUNY Buffalo State, 2016) and Jeffrey Parfitt (SUNY Genesee Community College, 2015) for their assistance in making FAS: WoW a reality.

Props to Nicki Lerczak for giving the final draft the “hairy librarian eyeball.” Her words, not mine!

Finally, many thanks goes to the following State University of New York (SUNY) students, employees, and alumni for sharing their words of wisdom that frames the text:

Dr. Andrew Robert Baker
Director of Community Standards
Finger Lakes Community College
Graduate of University at Buffalo, University at Albany, and SUNY Oneonta

Amie Bernstein
Graduate of Suffolk County Community College

Vicki L. Brown
Director of Student Activities
Herkimer College
Graduate of SUNY Potsdam

Dr. Kristine Duffy
SUNY Adirondack
Graduate of the College at Brockport

Jamie Edwards
Career Services Specialist
SUNY Genesee Community College
Graduate of University at Buffalo

Paulo Fernandes
Student at Stony Brook University

Christopher L. Hockey
Assistant Director of Student Mobility
SUNY System Administration
Graduate of SUNY Oswego

Fatima Rodriguez Johnson
Assistant Dean of Students, Multicultural Programs & Services
SUNY Geneseo
Graduate of SUNY Fredonia

Kristen Mruk
Assistant Director of Student Activities
SUNY Genesee Community College
Graduate of University at Buffalo

Dr. Patricia Munsch
Suffolk County Community College
Graduate of SUNY Geneseo

Yuki Sasao
Student at SUNY Oswego
Graduate of SUNY Genesee Community College

Jacqueline Tiermini
Finger Lakes Community College
Graduate of SUNY Buffalo State

Sara Vacin
Human Services Adjunct Faculty
SUNY Niagara County Community College
Jackie Vetrano
Graduate of SUNY Geneseo

Nathan Wallace
Assistant Project Coordinator, Assessment and Special Projects
Erie Community College

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Foundations of Academic Success: Words of Wisdom. Edited by Thomas Priester. Located at:

Acknowledgements from How to Learn Like a Pro! by Phyllis Nissila

My thanks to Amy Hofer, Coordinator of Oregon’s Statewide Open Education Library Services, for keeping me on track on this OER learning curve. Thanks also to my Effective Learning and Study Skills students, past and present, who have helped me shape relevant and helpful classes. In particular, I wish to thank Raya, Lynette, Pam, and Angie, who beta tested the lessons with me in Summer term 2016 and provided valuable insights and responses. Lastly, several lessons feature the work of Dan Hodges, a Lane colleague whose series of Study Tips articles continue to be a gold mine of information for Effective Learning instructors at Lane. He has generously given permission to cite his work, here, as an Open Education Resource.

Licenses and Attributions:

CC licensed content, previously shared:

How to Learn Like a Pro! Authored by Phyllis Nissila. Located at:

Acknowledgements from Dave Dillon, curator, co-author, and editor of Blueprint for Success in College and Career

This project could not have been completed alone and I am grateful for the assistance of some amazing people around me who helped it reach fruition.

Thank you to Zoe Wake Hyde for always having my back, for your patience, time, expertise, and responsiveness.

Thanks to Apurva Ashok for all of your assistance and support.

Thanks to Hugh McGuire for creating the platform and community around it to make this possible.

Thanks to Linda (Bruce) Hill, the team at Lumen Learning, Alise Lamoreaux, Phyllis Nissila, Thomas Priester for creating high quality college success content and openly licensing it.

Special thanks to the Peer Reviewers:

Andrea Devitt, Cuesta College
Alicia Frangos, College of San Mateo
Denica Kelly, DeAnza College
Will Pines, Grossmont College
Rita Soultanian, Saddleback College
Belen Torres-Gil, Rio Hondo College
Shemya Vaughn, College of the Redwoods
Constance Walsh, Fullerton College
Suzanne Wakim, Butte College

Thanks to Jeanne Hoover (Scholarly Communication Librarian at East Carolina University) for providing the Glossary.

Thanks to Sally Ades (English faculty at Grossmont College) for providing consistency with proper footnotes (Chicago, 17th edition) when the original sources had used different footnote styles.

Thanks to Deavon Cleamon (student at Clover Park Technical College) for assistance with identification and graphic design of images, image accessibility compliance, artwork, and design of the printed version back cover.

Thank you to my wife, Lindsay, and my daughters, Brooklyn and Molly, for their support, and especially for allowing me to work on the project during times when it was not most convenient to do so. And thanks for putting up with multiple piles of this project in various rooms of our house for many months.

Thank you to my parents, Carole and Joe Dillon, for inspiring me in education, teaching the value of hard work, and for nurturing my enthusiasm, patience, and persistence to be able to finish the project.

Thanks to the small group I affectionately call my “think tank”, Una Daly, Nicole Finkbeiner, James Glapa-Grossklag, and Amy Hofer. Your continued support and answers to my questions have been invaluable.

Thanks to Alexis Clifton for support and assistance with licensing.

Thanks to T Ford for unconditional support, encouragement, wisdom, and advice.

Thank you to the Academic Senate for the California Community Colleges’ OER Task Force for your enthusiasm, creativity, and ideas.

Thanks to Laura Close. Your editorial talent, patience, willingness to assist, and professionalism are all appreciated more than I can express.

Thank you to Kim Mazyck and her team at Montezuma Publishing. You helped bring this from an idea to a reality and I am indebted for your assistance.

Thank you to the Textbook and Academic Author Association. Your resources and expertise have contributed to the quality of this textbook in may ways.

Thank you to the Global Studies Division and (EPIC) Education Partnership for Internationalizing Curriculum Program at Stanford University.

A big thank you to Colleen Lewcock, Nils Michals, and Sarah Moore who assisted with editing.

Thanks to Ellen Lockwood for all of your time, support, and assistance with behind the scenes organization, record keeping, and attention to detail.

Thanks to Jennifer Bennett who spearheaded a student centered art project resulting in 23 pieces of openly licensed student artwork integrated in July, 2021.  And thanks to her students at Grossmont College for their willingness and interest in having their artwork included.

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