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This section provides you with resources to engage more deeply with the topic &  people.
  • Roles & Responsibilities Template This Rebus Community resource is a shareable document that can guide OER project team members in their discussion of individual roles and collective responsibilities.
  • Role of Reflection – This Brock University resource provides a framework and activity resources to help build reflection skills in several domains of reflection, including academic, personal development, interpersonal engagement, systems engagement and professional development.
  • The OER Starter Kit This guide written for instructors introduces all essentials regarding the use and creation of open educational resources, including copyright, searching for existing materials, and teaching with OER.
  • A Guide to Making Open Textbooks with Students, This handbook for faculty presents open pedagogy ideas and case studies for involving students in the making of open textbooks, ancillary materials, or other Open Educational Resources.
  • Office Hours: Talking to Students About Open Licenses In this Rebus Community and Open Education Network Office Hours session, the guests talk about licensing conversations within an open pedagogy framework. Creative Commons open licenses are integral to OER, but can sometimes be difficult to understand, especially when first introduced. Usually, selecting the license that is best for each creator and creation involves education and reflection.
  • Office Hours: OER & Instructional Design Part 2 – Student Centered Development In this Rebus Community and Open Education Network Office Hours session, the guests are talking about how to keep students and equity at the heart of our work designing and developing OER. For example, we’ll talk about centering our shared humanity when defining student learning outcomes, and considering students’ diverse experiences and contexts when developing content. What do you want to convey and impart through the material and learning experience? How can you make it as inclusive as possible? What do you hope students will come away with?
  • Intentional Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Decision-Making This toolkit created by the University of British Columbia (UBC) can guide you in Intentionally considering equity, diversity, and inclusion (of your decision-making process as a member of your Institutional support unit, department, faculty, and/or division.
  • Humanizing Learning: A Student-Generated Framework “explores what humanizing learning is – and isn’t – while centring student voices and the student experience. This is a resource meant for instructors, and is filled with quotes from students and instructors alike.”
  • The Rebus Guide to Publishing Open Textbooks (So Far) by Apurva Ashok, Zoe Wake Hyde, and Kaitlin Schilling is a resource of collective knowledge, written to walk you through the open publishing process while keeping equity in mind. This is a great reference to look to as you’re thinking about equitable practices throughout the design process of your OER and/or course.


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