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This section provides you with resources to engage more deeply with the topic & people.
  • Learning to be Human Together: Humanizing Learning is an inspirational open textbook, co-designed by students, faculty, and staff at OCAD, Mohawk College, Brock, Trent, Nipissing, University of Windsor, University of Toronto-Mississauga, that examines the importance of humanizing education. Connectivity, accessibility, and meaning-making are at the heart of its mission to make learning inclusive.
  • Activist Design in Educational Multimedia by Rebecca Sweetman (Queen’s University) is an openly licensed training designed to support you in learning how to apply an anti-oppression lens to your everyday professional tasks in multimedia design and develop the skills and confidence to do so.
  • Equity Unbound teamed up with OneHE to develop open educational resources for online community-building. This series of videos explain how to build online communities that promote equity and caring to create learning environments where all students can succeed.
  • The Rebus Guide to Publishing Open Textbooks (So Far) by Apurva Ashok, Zoe Wake Hyde, and Kaitlin Schilling is a resource of collective knowledge, written to walk you through the open publishing process while keeping equity in mind. This is a great reference to look to as you’re thinking about equitable practices throughout the design process of your OER and/or course.
  • Black Lives Matter Collective Storytelling Project is a collaborative, cross-course student project that draws on critical race theory, storytelling techniques, and inclusive media practices to give students the tools to consider their knowledge of and experiences with racial issues, racism, and racial justice, particularly as they relate to Black Lives.
  • Incorporating Open Educational Practices in Graduate Education: A Collaborative Autoethnographic Study: This study, conducted by distanced educators at Athabasca University in Alberta, Canada, provides recommendations to enhance teaching and learning practices by critiquing their current practices and seeking answers to questions that support educators become more effective online educators. This resource also offers a great example of how to share your learning back with others.


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