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This section provides you with resources to engage more deeply with the topic &  people.
  • Storytelling & Communications Template This Rebus Community resource is a shareable document that can guide OER project team members in their discussion of storytelling as a means to communicate the project vision, articulate what contributions team member are making and share teachings in most engaging and equitable ways.
  • Storytelling and Perspectives: Weaving Indigenous Ways of Knowing Open Educational Practices (OEP) and SDG’s in High School Learning Environments This project was originally designed as a learning pathways cycle in an EdD design-based research dissertation on how open educational practices (OEP) could expand high school students’ learning environments. The Open Learning Design Intervention (OLDI) provided the initial design framework to support the remixing of collaboratively created Open Educational Resources (OER) to create a UNESCO Open Education for a Better World open course and professional learning resources for a K-12 school district.
  • Digital Storytelling as OER-enabled Pedagogy: Sustainable Teaching in a Digital World This open book chapter argues for digital storytelling as a powerful OER-enabled pedagogical method, which can help build student autonomy, interdependence, responsibility and active participation in the processes of learning.
  • Open Assignment: Digital Storytelling [Natural Resources] (Preethi Radhakrishnan, CUNY) is a well-crafted and executed storytelling assignment can serve as an efficient and engaging learning activity which targets the three highest levels of Blooms’ taxonomy which are to Create, Evaluate and Analyze. This digital storytelling assignment is part of a signature assignment series (Stage 1) conducted in all courses of the First Year Seminar for Natural Sciences (NSF101). The prompts within the assignment directly articulate the Student Learning Objectives of the Biology and Environmental Science Program.
  • Ancillary Material: The Changing Story: digital stories that participate in transforming teaching & learning (Linda Buturian, University of Minnesota) The Changing Story gives you assignments, resources, and examples to use in your teaching and learning. It will also help you think of ways digital stories can be used in your teaching, and help students harness the power of visual storytelling.


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