3.3: Storytelling & Communications Template

This template may be used as you’re starting to define your project. Find an editable version here.

Storytelling & Communications Template: [Project Title]

Project Members: [Names]

Part 1: Situate yourself within the Project

Use the space below to collect team bios brief bios that speak to any of the following:

  1. personal drivers
  2. individual skills and expertise

You can use this information to discuss ways to leverage these skills over the course of the project. This can also become the basis of an “About the Contributors” section in your OER.

Part 2: Storytelling in your OER

Use the space below to take notes of your discussion with the team about the approach(es) to storytelling you want to take with your project. Discuss any of the questions below:

  1. Is there anything particularly unique about your OER? This could be in terms of content covered, pedagogical approach, team composition, or something else!
  2. What principles, norms, values, and worldviews inform the selection of knowledge in your OER?
  3. What voices and perspectives will you include?
  4. How will these stories be told?
  5. Who are these stories for?
  6. How will you make sure these stories are heard?
  7. What will take priority? Why?
  8. Are there any gaps? Can you look at your networks in your department, institution, local communities, or regions to fill the gaps?
  9. Can you cast a wider net to welcome more collaborators on board?

Part 3: Document Marketing Avenues

Use the space below to collect ideas for channels, events, or spaces where you want to share project communications and news over the coming months. You can refer to this list when sharing external communications to solicit help or to announce major milestones.

The textbox offers some ideas for inspiration:

  • Project Homepage to share progress, updates, and calls for participation (CFP) publicly
  • Email
    • Email signatures (keep the project front of mind with all email interactions)
    • Existing OER listservs to communication your work: CCCOER, LibOER Digest
    • Discipline specific listservs
  • Blog posts
    • Personal blog
    • Institution’s marketing site
  • Community Calls to recruit authors, editors, others on the team
  • Conferences where you can present on specific aspects in your project
  • Social Media
      • Personal accounts from team members
      • Dedicated project account

Use the Mailing List template to keep track of listservs where you can spread the word.

Conferences/events our team can attend:
Other spaces to publicize the project:


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