6.3: Release Planning Template

This template may be used as you’re preparing for the release of your OER. Find an editable version here.

Release Planning: [Project Title]

Project Leads: [Name]


The following items will help you plan the formatting of your content and coordinate the release of your OER. Take notes where applicable and share the document with your team.

  • What does your team need to do to finalise your project and get it ready for the launch?
  • Who will take on specific responsibilities?
  • What are the timelines?

1. Guide the formatting process

Establish a workflow for your team including the provision of sample chapter, style guide.

2. Anticipated formatting timeline

Provide an approximate timeline for formatting. This doesn’t have to be comprehensive, or rigid, but an indicator of dates for major milestones (frontmatter/ backmatter, book cover, formatting of text, formatting non-textual elements, meta-data, review of final version).

3. Output formats

Determine what output formats you want to create for your students and adopters. What kind of infrastructure needs to be put in place for easy and possibly offline access to your content, supplementary materials, multimedia?

4. Print on demand options

Think ahead how your team will offer print versions of your OER.

5. Prepare the promotion of your OER upon release

Where will you collect your project’s promotional materials? What materials do already exist? Which ones will have to be created? Who will be tasked with the creation of missing materials? Who will take on what promotion pieces after the release of your OER?

6. Anticipated promotion timeline

Provide an approximate timeline for those involved in the promotion work, including the creation of materials and the specific avenues for your storywork.


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