Part Two: Global Perspectives (Image is part of a world map with passport and camera in the foreground).

When we use the term global we are referring to both physical regions, communities, and spaces around the world, as well as viewing everything from a global lens—which in turn broadens our perspectives and strengthens our foundational truths and helps all to live authentically.  Abdul Kalam (n.d.) offers that living globally means, “… to take into consideration the cultures, ethnicity, religions, and living situations of everyone around the world…” (para. 1). From this foundation we bring to the reader two case stories from outside of the United States. We believe you will be enlightened and importantly drawn just a little closer to human lives, that may seem so far away.

The first case story is Better Together: Better Together: Creating Alternative Settings to Reduce Conflict Among Youth in Lebanon.  Upcoming community psychologist Ramy Barhouche shares a case study of an effort in Lebanon within the Nongovernmental Organization (NGO) sector to collaboratively create alternative and preventive settings to reduce discrimination and prejudice and develop collaborative living and conflict transformation among youth and young adults. Barhouche provides important historical context and rationale for using a process-based relational approach to develop the relationships for collaboration.

The second case story is Promoting Community-Driven Change in Family and Community Systems to Support Girls’ Holistic Development in Senegal. Dr. Judi Aubel draws you into the country of Senegal, Africa where you get to see the lives of a place often called, “The Gateway to Africa”. The case study describes an innovative program designed to address the issue of female genital mutilation (FGM) a seldom-discussed subject, but here we are going beyond the most popular topics and centering and raising the voices of Senegalese girls and women. Come with us. You’ll never be the same again.




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