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“Chelsea Green is not just a wonderful performer but a born, deeply instinctual, and highly empathic teacher. Sight reading is a painful weak spot for not just beginners but for even high-level players (who do their best to avoid situations calling for it). Chelsea lays out a sounding plan in her “Keep Going Method” that offers an appealing path—challenging without being intimidating, substantial while full of fun. A great strength is the applicability to a wide range of levels and backgrounds. This made a pianist want to go out and buy a guitar.”

— Robert S. Winter, Distinguished Professor of Music Emeritus, UCLA; Creator of Music in the Air (first all-digital history of Western and world musics)

“…this a good book for guitar students who have never read music on the guitar and are looking to do so in the classical genre. I like the way it is laid out with a video accompanying each chapter and midi musical examples of the etudes the student is to study. I like the way Chelsea explains each topic very clearly so the student can easily understand what she is explaining. I also like her “checklist for sight-reading” in every chapter reminding the student of such important things like “keep going (even if you make a mistake).” That is a very important and maybe number one concept for all sight-reading students to grasp. Overall a well done book.”

— Olem Alves, Music Instructor (Guitar, Popular Music Studies), Linn-Benton Community College, from his review on the Open Textbook Library on 1/15/21.

“Ms. Green has created a wonderfully useful book that transcends style and genre. The presentation is engaging and encouraging. She is to be highly commended for commissioning pieces appropriate for students of sight reading on guitar. Rare for such a textbook! Readers will find the solos and duets, fresh, fun and rewarding. Recommended!”

— Dr. Robert Trent, Professor of Music (Guitar), Radford University, from his review on the Open Textbook Library on 7/29/22

“The text is quite comprehensive, in that virtually every conceivable element of conventional music notation for guitar is covered.”

  Paul Madryga, Guitar Instructor, Brandon University, from his review on OpenEd on 5/23/21.


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