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“Chelsea Green is not just a wonderful performer but a born, deeply instinctual, and highly empathic teacher. Sight reading is a painful weak spot for not just beginners but for even high-level players (who do their best to avoid situations calling for it). Chelsea lays out a sounding plan in her “Keep Going Method” that offers an appealing path—challenging without being intimidating, substantial while full of fun. A great strength is the applicability to a wide range of levels and backgrounds. This made a pianist want to go out and buy a guitar.”

— Robert S. Winter, Distinguished Professor of Music Emeritus, UCLA; Creator of Music in the Air (first all-digital history of Western and world musics)

“…this a good book for guitar students who have never read music on the guitar and are looking to do so in the classical genre. I like the way it is laid out with a video accompanying each chapter and midi musical examples of the etudes the student is to study. I like the way Chelsea explains each topic very clearly so the student can easily understand what she is explaining. I also like her “checklist for sight-reading” in every chapter reminding the student of such important things like “keep going (even if you make a mistake).” That is a very important and maybe number one concept for all sight-reading students to grasp. Overall a well done book.”

— Olem Alves, Music Instructor (Guitar, Popular Music Studies), Linn-Benton Community College from his review on the Open Textbook Library on 1/15/21.


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