Center for Learning and Teaching at the American University in Cairo, Egypt

CLT Project Lead: Maha Bali

CLT Project Manager: Nadine Aboulmagd

Video Filming and Editing: Hassan Labib and Ahmad El Zorkani

Student Technology Assistants: Farida Harouni, Mennatallah Khalil, Abdel Rahman Diaa and Amr Adel Gouhar

Support: Tarek El Maghraby

The Rebus Community

Project Managers: Apurva Ashok and Zoe Wake Hyde


Susan Jones, Shehab M. Mohamed and Youmna Zakaraya

Peer Reviewers

John Baboukis, Alan Berman, Alan Levine, Walter Marsh, Mark Popeney, Randy Rusk and Peter Yates

American University in Cairo

The original compositions were commissioned with grant funding from the American University in Cairo.

Special Thanks

Frank Bartscheck, Philip Graulty, Mary Green, Jazz Hands, Karim Frège, Ahmed Hossam Refai, Mohamed Abou Rehab and Nick Romeliotis


Bahaa El Ansary, John Baboukis, Ashraf Fouad, Joan Greenwald, Eric Kiernowski, Paweł Kuźma, Walter Marsh, Brandon Mayer, Mark Popeney, Emile Porée, Felix Salazar and Peter Yates


The theoretical content, musical arrangements, compositions and guitar performances are by Chelsea Green (unless otherwise attributed).


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Sight-Reading for Guitar Copyright © 2020 by Chelsea Green is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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