Review Statement

Literature Reviews for Education and Nursing Graduate Students was produced with support from the Rebus Community, a non-profit organisation building a new, collaborative model for publishing open textbooks. Critical to the success of this model is including mechanisms to ensure that open textbooks produced with the Community are high quality, and meet the needs of all students who will one day use them.

As a result, this book has undergone peer review by subject experts from seven institutions, each reviewing one to two chapters of the book. The reviewers were largely librarians at research institutions, with specialized experience in either Education or Nursing. Reviews were structured around considerations of the intended audience of the book, and examined the comprehensiveness, accuracy, and relevance of content. See the Rebus Community Review Guide for more details.

Linda, Sue, and the team at Rebus would like to thank the review team for the time, care and commitment they contributed to the project. We recognize that volunteering to review the book without compensation is a generous act of service on their part. This book would not be the robust, valuable resource that it is were it not for their feedback and input.

Reviewers included:

  • Stephanie Roth, Temple University
  • Jackie Sipes, Temple University
  • Elizabeth Yates, Brock University
  • Agnieszka Gorgon, Seneca College
  • Manisha Khetarpal, Maskwacis Cultural College
  • Megan Lowe, University of Louisiana Monroe
  • Lindsay Roberts, University of Colorado


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