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Version History

Version History
Version Date Change Affected  Page(s)
1.0 10 September 2019 Original
1.1 5 Jan 2020 Added CSS so that URLs for hyperlinks will be spelled out in parentheses after the hyperlinked text, on print versions. Many
1.2 12 Jan 2020 ARIA labels provided for URLs that are spelled out such as in lists of references or footnotes. Chapters 4 and 8
1.2.1 5 July 2020 Addressed an issue where links to other parts of the book were not showing up correctly in the print PDF Any with internal  links to other parts of the book; affects print PDF only
1.3 11 August 2021 Updated list of books in the series to reflect recent additions Introduction to the Series
1.3.1 22 August 2021 Updated list of books in the series to add Epistemology book Introduction to the Series
1.3.2 8 Sept. 2022 Updated list of books in the series to add Aesthetic Theory and Practice book Introduction to the Series
1.4 20 May 2024 Adjusted two sentences in the Substance Dualism chapter that mentioned six basic passions from Descartes’ The Passions of the Soul, but did not list them. Adjusted the sentences to include the list Substance Dualism


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