Objectionable Content Policy


Content submitted for publication by the Rebus Press must not:

  1. Include hateful, harmful, or derogatory language about any race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or other marginalised group unless explicitly used as an example for educational purposes
  2. Incite or encourage any form of discrimination or harm towards these groups, or others, whether directly, indirectly, or through misrepresentation
  3. Include inappropriate or unnecessary sexual content (i.e. not explicitly necessary for educational purposes)
  4. Include portrayals of extreme violence unless explicitly for educational purposes
  5. Incite or encourage any illegal activity unless explicitly for educational purposes

Rebus retains the right to determine whether content meets the standard of “objectionable” as laid out in this policy. We accept that content that may meet these standards is necessary in some educational contexts and will strive to account for the educational value of engaging with challenging topics when assessing whether content violates this policy.

In addition, Rebus is not liable for any content hosted on the Rebus Press. All content owners are liable for all content within their book site, and Rebus will comply with any legal requests in relation to that content as appropriate.


If you encounter any content meeting the description above in a book on the Rebus Press site, please email contact@rebus.community with the following information:

  1. A link to the book in question
  2. Links to specific examples
  3. A short explanation of why you believe the content violates this policy

Anyone who contacts us will remain anonymous and will be kept informed of the process by which Rebus assesses the content, requests changes (if necessary), and (if applicable) moves forward with deleting the content. The determination of whether content violates this policy remains solely with Rebus, but every effort will be made to explain the decision making process and reasoning to those reporting content for assessment.


Publication by the Rebus Press is contingent on compliance with this policy and if any book is found to contain objectionable content, we will take necessary action to remove it from public view immediately and will no longer be included in any form in the Rebus Press catalog, press releases, print on demand program, and any other benefits afforded to content published under the Rebus Press name.

The content owners will be contacted with details of the offending content and will have 15 days to make changes to resolve the issue, or present a concrete plan and timeline to do so. If the changes are made to a satisfactory level (determined by Rebus staff), the content will be returned to public view. If the changes are not made, or not made to a satisfactory level, the content owners will have another 15 days to export their content before it is removed permanently from the Rebus Press site. Content owners are responsible for notifying any adopters that the content will be removed. The content owner accounts will also be permanently removed and their details will be recorded, which may affect future participation in the Rebus Press.